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A conviction will hurt your future

Yes, the jail time and fines that go with a conviction are bad enough, but it's the stigma that does the long-term damage. People with a criminal record can be denied jobs, housing, and even the right to vote! Let Lynn Bowne help! We can make sure that your side of events is considered as we fight for a acquittal of all charges.

 • DUI representation

 • Felony defense

 • Drug-related charges

 • Assault

 • Theft

Complete criminal defense:

While in many ways the criminal courts are streamlined to convict, it's still up to the prosecutor to prove a defendant's guilt. When you've been convicted of a crime, let us ensure your rights are observed and that the prosecution doesn't try to make a bad case sound good.

You are innocent until proven guilty

Be an active partner in your own defense - our attorney will work with you to make sure you are in the best position possible.

Fight traffic violations and tickets to keep your insurance rates down!


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